Project: Isfahan Oil Refinery Company Construction and Installation Operation of Utility and Offsite Units and Connection to Diesel Refining Project


Construction and Installation Operation, Pre-Commissioning and Assistance in Commissioning Utility Units and Offsite of Diesel Refining Project of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company


Civil Operations, Installation of Steel Structures, Installation of Equipment, Underground and Surface Piping, Electricity and Telecommunications, Cathodic Protection, EHT, Instrumentation, Fire Alarm, HVAC Installation, Miscellaneous Civil, Painting, Fire Proofing, Pre-Launch and Assistance in launching the project related to Utility Units, Offsite and Connection to the gas refining project of Isfahan Oil Refining Company.

Project duration: 11 Months

Type of contract: C

Location: Esfahan

Client: Esfahan Oil Refining Co.(EORC)