Project name: Tabriz Refinery Gasoil Hydrotreating Plant

Activities: Detailed Engineering, Procurement Services, Procurement, Construction, Pre-commissioning and assistance in commissioning

Objective: Gasoil Hydrotreating Plant located Tabriz Refinery has been designed to produce low sulfur hydrotreated gas oil according to EURO V specifications. The unit capacity is 30,000 BPSD with on stream factor of 8400 hours per year. The unit turndown rate is 50% of the design capacity while making on-specification products. The feed to this unit is blend of diesel streams and/or blended naphtha, depending on the case.In addition, design of an integrated Sour Gas Treating System has been carried out in order to treat sour off-gas and rich amine generated in Gasoil Hydrotreating Plant to sweeten the off-gas and recover lean amine for further usage.

Project duration: 30 Months

Date of commencement: January2015

Type of contract: Lump Sum

Location: Tabriz

Client: Tabriz Oil Refining Company.